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Course Modules

1. Introduction to Rel.4 with MSS Concept

1.1. Structure of the 3G R.4 network
1.2. MSS concept benefits
1.3. Separation of planes
1.4. CN-CS Rel. 4 architecture

2. MSS/GCS/CDS Architecture

2.1. Network Elements in R.4
2.2. Main functions of the MSS, GCS and CDS

3. HLR/AC/EIR Architecture

3.1. Network Elements connectivity in R.4
3.2. HLR/AC/EIR main functions

4. MGW Architecture

4.1. MGW main functions
4.2. MGW interfaces

5. Subscribers Administration

5.1 Teleservices available
5.2. Basic supplementary services in GSM and UMTS
5.3. locations where subscriber data is stored in the GSM and UMTS networks
5.4. Authentication mechanisms used in GSM and UMTS
5.5. Identify examples of register data

6. Cellular Radio Network Administration - theory:

6.1. Basic concepts of GSM/UMTS radio network
6.2. Main Network Elements in GSM/UMTS radio network
6.3. Location registration & handover signaling procedures

7. Signaling in SCN Release 4

7.1. Signaling protocols in MSC, HLR, BSC, MGW and the PSTN exchange in 3GPP Rel4
7.2. Interfaces of MSS and the relevant protocols
7.3. Main functions of MAP, BSSAP, RANAP, ISUP, BICC, SIP and H.248

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